DUBAI, 13 October 2022

It’s time to bridge the gender gap in the technology industry by celebrating the remarkable​ women from around the world who innovate, inspire, and transform the sector as we know it.

The 5th edition of the Women in Tech Global Awards will reward incredible figures in a range of 8 categories.
Our international jury of experts will be recognizing​ women that are making an impact in Tech with brilliance and success.

The Women in Tech® Global Awards





Aspiring Teen Award
ID&E Disruptors Award by AWS
Best Ally Award
Most impactful Initiative Award
Woman in Web3 Award
Start-Up Award
Global Leadership Award
Lifetime Achievement Award

There are 8 events:
7 regionalS and 1 Global Women in Tech® Awards

There are 7 regional awards, representing different parts of the world: APAC, LATAM, MENA, Europe, CCA, Africa, America. Each regional award will have 7 finalists per category. The winner of each category will become a finalist in the Global Awards happening in Dubai, October 2022.

Women in Tech® LATAM Awards

Rio de Janeiro, 1 September 2022

Women in Tech® America Awards

Long Beach, 14 September 2022

Women in Tech® AFRICA Awards

Cape Town, 23 September 2022

Women in Tech® MENA Awards

Sharjah, 27 September 2022

Women in Tech® Europe Awards

Amsterdam, 29 September 2022

Women in Tech® CCA Awards

Tblisi, 30 September 2022

Women in Tech® APAC Awards

Kuala Lumpur, 6 October 2022

Women in Tech® Global Awards

Dubai, 13 October 2022

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