Most Inspiring Teen – Women in Tech Europe Awards

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Pro-Teen Technology Specialist, Workshop4Me a.s.b.I

Avanti Sharma is a champion of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) commands our attention. Avanti’s journey of advocacy and empowerment began with her TEDx talk on “How an iGen would implement the Sustainable Development Goals.” Since then, she has made her mark on the international stage, sharing her ideas at prestigious forums like the Economic Times Global Business Summit, Digital Education Stakeholder Forum hosted by the European Commission, and the Microsoft Accelerator. Her contributions extend to renowned technology events such as Campus Italia, ICT Spring, and WomenInTech.
As a coach and mentor at Workshop4Me, she has introduced over 400 girls worldwide to the world of coding and technology. Avanti’s keynote at the ESTEAM Fest, organized by Deloitte Belgium and the European Commission, exemplified her dedication to breaking down barriers for young girls in the tech field. Avanti’s recent achievement includes the creation of Studified™, a software process to combat catfishing and impersonation attacks on social media, earning recognition from the National Young Scientist Foundation of Luxembourg and winning accolades at a prominent science exhibition in Portugal.

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