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Ennovator of the Digital X-Ray Glasses

Twins Masego and Matlhogonolo Mphahlele had a vision after they saw a teammate injured during a soccer game, who had to wait at the hospital for an X-ray. This was the moment the idea of digital X-ray glasses was born. They knew that there must be a quicker and more portable solution than traditional X-ray machines and created the prototype of the digital Xray glasses.

The twins were runner-up finalists in the Red Bull Basement Global Final held in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2022 and spotlight speakers at Forbes Women Summit, 2023.

Within four years of development, the sisters who attend the University of Johannesburg worked alongside other students to create the prototype of the Digital X-ray glasses. The Digital X-ray glasses were created using 3D printing and work through its infrared camera and a mini-computer chip that sends thermal images to a mobile device. “The camera can only take infrared images to a mobile device. We want to do more research to better our idea,” Matlhogonolo said. “In the future, we want the product to be able to work without using radiation… and to be able to distribute it to different local hospitals and clinics.”

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