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Founder & CEO, Interstellar lab

Barbara Belvisi is an entrepreneur with a journey spanning finance, venture capital, and hardware innovation. She co-founded Hardware Club (now HCVC) to invest in and empower hardware startups, showcasing her commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. In 2018, Barbara’s passion for space, nature, and technology led her to establish Interstellar Lab, a company dedicated to preserving life on Earth and expanding it into space. Interstellar Lab’s cutting-edge controlled-environment modules support sustainable biofarming on Earth and life-support systems in space, collaborating with major industry players and space agencies like NASA and ESA. Barbara’s contributions have earned her numerous accolades, including recognition as a Top 10 Woman in Tech in France, a member of the Top 100 Forbes list in Europe, and Best Innovator 2022. She is also a Choiseul 100 honoree in France and a recipient of the Prix Janus 2023 and the BOLD Award 2023.

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