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CEO & Founder of Acústica Marina SpA

Marcela, a marine biologist with a Master’s in Strategic Management and Project Evaluation, is a driving force in the tech realm as the Executive Director of the Marine Acoustic Company. The company specializes in pioneering hydroacoustic research, where Marcela’s expertise shines. Apart from her tech achievements, Marcela is Vice President of the State Alumni Chile Association (SACH), propelling the STEAM GIRLS initiative to inspire young women in science and technology. Her influence extends globally as a key figure on the Chile-United States Council for Science, Technology, and Innovation.

Recognized for her dynamic accomplishments, Marcela secured the Tech Entrepreneur title at the Women that Build Awards 2022 and the Women Leaders in Science, Technology, Innovation, and Talent award in 2021. Marcela’s triumphs extend to the Avante Challenge, where she led her team to victory and made her mark as a female tech leader. Her involvement in international programs underscores her role as a change-maker. Furthermore, Marcela champions women in business, advising and co-founding associations like the Chilean Association of Businesswomen Asia Pacific. With a background in the public sector, particularly in fisheries and aquaculture, she adds depth to her contributions.

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