Global Leadership – Women in Tech APAC Awards

APAC Awards

Dr Monika Sonu

Co-Founder & Director New product Development Healthinnovation Toolbox

Dr. Monika Sonu is a multifaceted healthcare visionary known for her groundbreaking work. As a Doctor, Digital Health Entrepreneur, and Social Innovator, she co-founded Healthinnovation Toolbox and spent over 15 years bridging the gap between public and private healthcare systems, crafting digital health solutions. Driven by a desire to challenge the healthcare status quo, she founded HIT LABS 10,000, democratizing digital health education globally. Her remarkable journey, from rural India to founding her own company, showcases resilience and determination. Awards like the HIMSS Future 50 Innovation leader and recognition from organizations like Ada health and Medikalife underscore her profound impact on healthcare. Dr. Monika Sonu’s mission to empower healthcare professionals and transform healthcare delivery through technology exemplifies her passion for making the world a healthier place.

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