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MENA Awards

Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei

Executive Director, Acting Chief AI Researcher and Co Founder – Technology Innovation Institute

Dr. Ebtesam Almazrouei is an esteemed figure in AI and technology, currently serving as the Executive Director and Acting Chief AI Researcher at the Al-Cross Center Unit in the Technology Innovation Institute (TII). Her impactful work includes the development of Falcon LLM models, surpassing industry benchmarks, and the creation of Falcon 40B, a top-ranking open-source language model.

Recognized as one of the Leading AI Women in the World in 2023, Dr. Almazrouei champions sustainability and AI for Good initiatives, actively participating in Abu Dhabi AI Connect and IEEE international conferences. Her influence extends beyond TII, with leadership roles in AI and Blockchain. She’s also a prolific author, patent inventor, and a sought-after speaker at prestigious tech summits worldwide. Dr. Almazrouei’s career spans telecommunications, IoT, autonomous vehicles, wireless localization, 5G, and beyond, shaping advanced solutions for diverse industries.

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