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Founder & CEO, Sensing Places Interactive

As the CEO and Founder of Sensing Places, a spinoff from MIT Media Lab, Flavia pioneers immersive narratives through cutting-edge technology and space design. Her career spans augmented reality, virtual studios, Kinect applications, wearable computing, and multi-touch technology. Her international portfolio reshapes architecture, advertising, and entertainment into captivating interactive stories, garnering global acclaim. Flavia excels in crafting strategic, creative, and highly technical solutions, embracing innovative responsive design, gestural interaction, multi-touch surfaces, machine learning, and location-based mobile development. With a PhD in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT, Flavia boasts over 1000 academic paper citations, reflecting her profound impact on entertainment technology. Nominated as a Knight of the Republic of Italy in 2000, her dedication to innovative communication of art and culture through emerging technologies is commendable

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