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Co-Founder, NFTY-art

Leora is the Co-Founder of NFTy-art a Blockchain educational program using art to teach and to demystify the Metaverse, Web3 and NFT’s She also established the African NFT Art Collective specifically for African Artists looking to exhibit in the Metaverse. With the creation of the Digital Art gallery, she aims to empower African artists by giving them access to a suite of NFT options from start to finish. Leora is empowering African Artists to exhibit in the Metaverse / NFT marketplace. There are artists with no access to this space (either through lack of knowledge, understanding, experience or funding). This initiative helps the artists with a full suite of options to get them into the NFT marketplace. She is also using art as amedium to educate and teach Blockchain Fundamentals

NFTY-art is bringing the art of Africa to the NFT art worldwide. Leora is an entrepreneur with a degree in systems analysis, design and programming. Leora also has 30 years of experience in fashion and art and is also a founder and partner in the Artjamming Franchise. Artjamming aims to make art accessible to anyone of any age. Artjamming franchises are owned by female entrepreneurs.

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