Lifetime Achievement – Women in Tech APAC Awards

APAC Awards

Wai Yie Leong

Senior Professor INTI International University

IR Prof. Dr. LEONG Wai Yie is a renowned figure in the field of Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. She holds a Ph.D. and bachelor’s degree from The University of Queensland and is a prolific author of 10 book series on electronics and biomedical innovation. Wai Yie’s remarkable achievements include leadership roles in engineering institutions like IET, IEM, and INWES. Her research has focused on medical signal processing, wireless networks, and brain signal processing, leading to the commercialization of bioinformatics techniques. She’s received numerous awards, including the 2023 INWES Distinguished Woman in Engineering Award. Wai Yie is a passionate advocate for women in technology, having established a mentorship program and representing women engineers in various international forums, including the United Nations. She actively promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion in engineering and plays advisory roles in government and academic organizations, making significant contributions to the field.

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