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Khulangoo Amarsanaa

Founder and CEO

Khulangoo, stands as a figure of success in Mongolia’s startup scene. Founding, she weathered challenges, earning the prestigious Start Up Award of Women in Tech Mongolia Chapter. Determined, she ventured into China, sealing contracts and expanding her platform’s reach to over 20 countries., often likened to Mongolia’s version of, exports artworks by Mongolian creators worldwide, promoting intellectual work on a global stage. Her vision encompasses fostering a national identity through art, empowering Mongolian artists, enabling international collaborations, and nurturing an artist community for mutual growth. Her platforms, and, provide outlets for artists to showcase their works and learn from one another, while the Creators Community encourages collective development across various creative fields. Khulangoo’s dream revolves around bridging local artists with international talents and fostering a vibrant, interconnected community spanning fashion, music, film, and visual arts.

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