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Co-Founder & CEO, Institute of Digital Fashion

Leanne Elliott Young, widely known as the “Metaverse Mama,” is at the forefront of fashion’s transformation into the digital realm. She is the visionary force behind the Institute of Digital Fashion (IoDF), an organization that has achieved six industry-firsts in metaverse activations and concepts, solidifying its position as the global leader in this space.
Leanne is a trailblazing innovator, commentator, and keynote speaker on metaverse and digital fashion innovation, inclusivity in tech, and sustainability in the digital landscape. Her work involves shaping the future of fashion into one that is inclusive, diverse, decentralized, and sustainable. Her expertise and insights have earned her recognition on a global scale, with features in renowned publications like Vogue Business, Forbes, Vogue, Business of Fashion, Dazed, and more. She has also been an advocate for the metaverse and Web3’s economic potential at a government level for UK trade. Leanne is not only a thought leader but also an educator, sharing her knowledge at prestigious institutions such as UAL, CSM, LCF, Parsons, Harvard, Istituto Marangoni, and Cambridge University. Her visionary leadership and dedication to shaping the future of fashion make her a true luminary in the metaverse and digital innovation space.

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