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Founder, Edulink LATAM

Alejandra Cruz Pinzón, a tech luminary in education, is a compelling contender for the Woman Tech of the Year award. With a decade of tech expertise, she’s pioneering the fusion of technology and education. Her Google for Education mastery has transformed classrooms through tools like Google Classroom and G Suite, fostering collaboration and creativity. Not confined to tech, she’s a holistic educator, coaching peers through workshops, guiding them in tech-fluent pedagogy.

A global influencer, Pinzón shares her journey, inspiring a new generation to embrace the digital wave. Breaking gender norms, she stands tall, a beacon for women in technology. The Woman Tech of the Year recognition beckons as a testament to her brilliance, tenacity, and societal impact. It’s not just an award—it’s a driving force propelling education into an era where tech reshapes learning, guided by the visionary Alejandra Cruz Pinzón.

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