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Founder & CEO, D14.AI

As the CEO and Founder of D14.AI and Sirius Labs, Melda’s impact is profound. D14.AI, her startup, offers optimization-as-a-service solutions globally, simplifying automation, scheduling, and team management through cutting-edge AI technology. This endeavor has earned recognition from Womena, Standard Chartered Bank, and numerous prestigious awards, including ‘Gulf Capital Business of the Year’ and ‘Business Innovation of the Year’ in 2021.

Simultaneously, Melda leads Sirius Labs, an AI-driven platform dedicated to empowering women in tech through transformative bootcamps, training, and mentorship programs.

She’s a Microsoft-selected top tech entrepreneur, recognized among the ‘Top 100 Women Founders in Turkey.’ CNN International hailed her among the ‘Top 10 Tech Startups in MENA,’ and she’s received titles like ‘Woman Entrepreneur of the Year, MENA, 2022.’

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