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Co-Founder & Chief Innovator, Womb

Naadiya is Co-Founder at WomHub, a unique ecosystem builder supporting innovation along the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Ma. She serves as the Chief Innovator. Naadiya co-founded WomEng, a global social enterprise developing women and girls for engineering and tech. WomEng has a mission to empower 1 million girls through STEM education in partnership with UNESCO
Naadiya helped develop an early warning system to keep activists safer online in Kenya. She has also co-developed a cybersecurity vulnerability index for female entrepreneurs and a speaks on cybersecurity and AI bias. She is venture partner and LP at Five35 Ventures, a pan African venture capital fund investing in women in tech businesses across Africa. She was a Co-Chair for the Saudi Arabia B20 Task Force on the Future of Work and Education and the B20 Italy special taskforce on women empowerment & B20 Indonesia Taskforce for Women Empowerment. She was named “Top 20 Young Power Women in Africa” by Forbes Magazine as well as one of the top people in tech in Africa by Los Echos. Naadiya has worked across 30 countries to revolutionise the face of engineering through diversity, inclusion, innovation,

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