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Co-Founder & CEO, Ganymede Robotics

With a Master’s Degree in Engineering and an INSEAD MBA, Sophie possesses over 12 years of international work experience across four continents.
As the co-founder and CEO of Ganymed Robotics, Sophie leads a mission-driven team dedicated to transforming orthopedic surgery through advanced robotics technology. She recognizes the growing demand for surgical procedures, particularly in orthopedics, and aims to address this challenge. Her goal is to make life-changing orthopedic surgeries more accessible, safe, and affordable worldwide. Ganymed Robotics is incubated at Paris Biotech Santé, a leading life science incubator, and has secured significant seed funding. With a world-class team, Sophie is determined to revolutionize surgery, providing more people with access to essential orthopedic procedures.

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