Best Ally – Women in Tech Africa Awards

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Technology Head of Strategy, Governance and Reporting – Absa

Tamu walks the talk and demonstrates his own commitment through leading and empowering an all-female team. He actively participates in Women in Tech initiatives, including volunteering at Philippi Village. As a Speaker, Tamu gives his time to engage in thought leadership and social media activities such as PR and LinkedIn live streams to bring attention to the Women in Technology agenda. The father of a young girl himself, he believes it is his responsibility to help pave the way to a more inclusive environment for the young women who will be leading the technology industry in the future.

Tamu is a worthy nominee for the Ally award because he actively demonstrates his commitment and leads by example. He walks the walk and not just talks the talk. Tamu is the Executive Head Strategy: Group Technology. He is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion, Tamu has been instrumental in elevating the women’s agenda in Absa Technology. He has lead and established meaningful partnerships and interventions that reach beyond the organisation to help elevate the banks’ commitment to Women in Tech.

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