Most Impactful initiative – Women in Tech APAC Awards

APAC Awards

Thalia Bondoc

“CEO & Co-founder Eduloco Pte. Ltd.”

Thalia, a Filipina founder, embodies resilience and innovation. Raised by a single mother, she defied financial constraints to pursue an education in Switzerland, earning Swiss and UK degrees. Her career led her to prestigious hotel chains worldwide. Yet, her life’s reflection inspired Eduloco, an AI-powered platform democratizing overseas education. She streamlined university applications and unlocked financial channels, ensuring access for students from all backgrounds. Her journey through Antler accelerator and early-stage VC support showcases her remarkable impact. Eduloco quickly garnered 1k users within two months of MVP launch. Recognized by Cartier Women’s Initiative and Google Tech Summit, Thalia’s grit and dedication are evident. She’s addressing education inequalities in Southeast Asia, transforming lives and fostering economic growth. Eduloco’s recognition as a top student recruitment startup in Malaysia solidifies her commitment to making quality education accessible. Thalia’s work aligns with the United Nations SDG, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

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