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Illustrator, Designer & Plastic Artist – Sofia Sistos Vallin

Sofía seamlessly melds creativity and technology to craft mesmerizing works that transcend boundaries and ignite minds. Sofía’s artistic journey is a tapestry of mediums, woven together with passion and purpose. Her creations don’t just captivate the eye – they beckon the soul. A true visionary, Sofía believes in the power of art to spark change within us all. Each stroke of her brush, each pixel in her digital design, and each layer of her 3D-printed marvels carries a narrative that tugs at heartstrings and inspires transformation.

Embracing the digital age, Sofía harnesses the magic of technology to amplify her artistic expression. Through digital art, she conjures interactive wonders that bridge the gap between creativity and engagement. The realm of 3D printing becomes her playground, where sculptural dreams come alive in tangible forms that push the boundaries of convention.

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